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This is probably a completly newb question, but the other cases I have dealt with the brass standoffs that are premounted to the case could be removed.

Can the brass standoffs in the P182 be removed and if so, what size nut driver will remove them.

Will leaving them in cause any issues?
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  1. Im just worried that any extra standoff will short the board out.
  2. haha nice location milpich =D

    so ye all cases would include standoffs that should be removeable. usually they arent pre-put-in so you can figure out the locations. one case ive worked with was the TT soprano VX. that case doesnt have the normal standoffs and arnt removable. just lettin yall know =]
  3. My p182 had 6 or 9 (can't remember) preinstalled standoffs which were all removable, if desired.
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