Help building my first multimedia desktop!

Hi everyone. I've never built a desktop before, but I hear its not that hard, even for first timers.

I am having trouble chosing parts because there are just sooo many options and brand names that I don't know which is the best option, so i've come here to get some advice.

Here are the basic permaters that I know of:

Purpose: I want to build a multimedia desktop. NOT for gaming
Budget: less than $1500
I know I want a top of the line Intel processor (probably Core2duo)
Must have several big hard drives
Must have the ability to add additional hard drives into bays
very quiet fan (s)/cooling unit
Must be able to last at least three years
MUST have HDMI output/input and DVI input/output (so I can connect to my HDTV)
Must have TV Tuner
Require a DVDRom and DVD+RW or DVD-RW double layer (maybe even a HD DVD)
I want to be able to run several applications at once.
Good speakers & remote control
A High quality LCD screen.

any idea on specific hardware I should buy?

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  1. ok, you are trying to build a DVR sort of. Start with your budget. Not that hard and you know what the rig must do, just a matter of fitting all your needs into the build. I am building something similar, but no HDTV right now.
  2. Do they do Graphics cards with HDMI output? I'm not even sure if HDMI is about yet.
    Save money on the graphics card as it's not going to be used for gaming. I think ATI cards are better for video playback because of the codecs and what-not they come with.
    Are you planning to do any video editing or photoshop work? If not, you might be able to get a cheaper C2D processor.
    In any case, with a multimedia PC, you'd want to spend most on the speakers and monitor (or at least I would). You want to connect it to your HDTV, so how much would you use the computer with the LCD screen you buy (just asking to get an idea of how much to spend on the monitor)?
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