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hi there,

my internet connection worked fine yesterday, but today after turning on the computer, i was not able to connect to the network and network card status says that this computer has limited access to the network. so, i went to check the system log, i got this warning with Event ID: 1007, description as below
Your computer has automatically configured the IP address for the network card with network address 0050fc899549. The IP address being used is

i found out that the ip address is in correct as it should be within ~255, so i went on to change the properties of the TCP/IP to a fix IP, but still won't work.

anybody here can tell me what probably goes wrong to my computer and what should i do?

Thanks in advance

* i also tried changing a new NIC, but same problem still persists
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  1. When you can't reach the DHCP server, Windows assigns an IP out of the APIPA block. Windows automatically assigns an IP address to a DHCP enable NIC when it fails DHCP. Check to make sure you can get to the DHCP server.
  2. yes i can, because the router works as a DHCP server in my network. what should i do to the server?
  3. If you can't get an IP from the DHCP server, either the server is not functioning, or you don't have a path to the server. The only way windows will assign an IP of of the APIPA block is if you do not have connectivity to the DHCP server or there is no server.

    yes i can, because the router works as a DHCP server in my network. what should i do to the server?
  4. Other computers in the network do not have this problem, only this unit is. Also, i found out the problem happened in a case that the computer had problem shutting down, of which i shut down the computer yesterday evening but when i come back to work the next day, the computer is still in shut down mode; i power the computer off and the problem occurred after i turn the computer on.

    anyhow, i thought there might be problem with the NIC, XP, or motherboard. So, first, i tried changing a new NIC, well the problem still persists; and, second, i tried reformat XP, also the problem still persists; lastly, i place the NIC to other PCI slots, still same problem.

    My guess is the motherboard causing the problem. So what do you guys think the problem could be?

    Please help. Thanks
  5. el0him is right, other computers do not have this problem because they can get an IP address from the DHCP server. This one PC can not so it assigns itself a temporary IP while it probes for the DHCP server.

    The problem is not the motherboard. You need to first ping your loop back address this will confirm the NIC is working, then ping the default gateway & internet (try pinging Google).

    After these tests check the network cable is connected securely at the PC side and router side. If it is try another cable and working port.

    from the command prompt type ipconfig /release

    then ipconfig /renew

    or you could right click the network connection in my network places and click repair this will do the same thing plus other useful functions.

    To get this machine up and running and to confirm the issue not with the PC and NIC just assign a static IP address locally. If you get connectivity this will confirm the issue is not with your PC or NIC

    Let me know how you get on
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