can i safely OC an e6600 - with very high ambient temps?

I want to oc my e6600 and i'm a complete noob. Also because i live in tropical climate high temps are an issue.

here are my temps

tcase: 33c (idle) : 53c-56c (load)

core0: 46c (idle) : 65c-67c (load)
core1: 46c (idle) : 66c-69c (load) -> sometimes 3c higher than core0

Ambient = 32c
Chipset = 965
C2D = E6600
CPU Cooler= Titan Vanessa L-Type with 120mm fan
Frequency = 2.4 Ghz
Load = TAT @ 100% 10 minutes
Motherboard = Gigabyte DS4
Vcore = 1.250

So... can i safely oc this?
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  1. What is the ambient temp inside your house?
  2. my room temps around 32c year round.
  3. Those are some pretty high temps for stock speed. Those look more like what it should be on a nice Overclock. The ambient temo plays a BIG part. I know i see a 6-8C different from my room and at my buddies basement for his montly Lan party. That cooler doesn't look all that great, no offense. I would look into a much better cooler. Check out the review on Tom's and also Anantech anc pick a top performer. You are looking for something that has alot of surface area which will help you dispurs the heat better. I have the Thermalright Ultra-120 and is probably one of the best only being beat by the eXtreme edition Ultra-120. Get a good fan and you are set.

    To give you an example of my setup in the winter on my cooler in my room im idleing at about 46-50C and a week the other day the temps were 85F which is about 30C my idle temps were 48-52C. And this is with my fan running at about 800-1000rpms ( i turn everything down on my fan control exept while gaming). On load with my fan at 2000RPMs I hot about 65C on 100% TAT full load. And that is with a 1.4125 vcore.

    ALSO.. and this is for any system and especially you since you are in a high temp climate. Get goooooood case airflow. Get a nice 120mm or 2 80mm intakes and the same exhaust. I'd say 1800-2200 RPMS or so for the 120mm. This way you are constantly ciruculating air over your heatsinks on your entire system and hard drive as well. You just want to blow that hot air out of the back and bring in fresh air. The ambient air temp is still going to be lower than the inside air but since it is hotter it doesnt transfer heat as well to hotter air so you need more of it.
  4. Quote:
    my room temps around 32c year round.

    Look into buying a Swiftech liquid system.
  5. Quote:
    Look into buying a Swiftech liquid system.

    Yeah or you can do that.
  6. my system is about 2 months old, so i dont plan to spend on it anymore. but i will upgrade in 6 months and plan to switch to water cooling then.

    but until then, how much can i oc my rig and how much of a performance boost will it bring.

    and btw, the cooler (titan vanessa) was reviewed by thg as a great cooler. thats y i bought it. but havent seen anyone talk abt it. 8O
  7. You should be able to overclock just fine, just watch your temps and don't push you voltages too much.
  8. I'd say your cooler is fine until you have to raise your voltages. Then it won't be enough. That has 6 heatpipes and does not look all that large in size. Air cooling relies on LARGE coolers with alot of surface area and good number of heatpipes to transfer the heat from the core to the surfaces of the fins. Basically the bigger means (usually) better.
  9. Quote:
    my room temps around 32c year round.
    DAMN!! Two words that will be the cure for everything.......Air Conditioning. My house is a nice 20c year round. It is hard to cool a CPU when it is running in an oven. I remember in my last house how it would be 30c in the summers. My CPU was running 10 degrees hotter than in any other season.
  10. so how i high is high? like i said, im a complete noob
  11. Quote:
    Also because i live in tropical climate high temps are an issue.
    So... can i safely oc this?

    I doubt in this. Your ambient temp is pretty high. I've about 25C now (no air-conditioning) and think it's too high.
  12. it practical to oc? safely that is. i dont burn this system anytime soon. :D
  13. With those wild temperatures, did you ever think of liquid cooling? That might be your best bet.
  14. im thinking abt liquid cooling for my next upgrade, but for now i have to do with air.

    i just want to be sure i can oc without frying my rig
  15. Quote:

    i just want to be sure i can oc without frying my rig
    If you start slow, you wont fry your rig. Start at a bare minimum, and once stability fails, stop and go back to your last stable overclock. Remember, you wont get the same results as some of the other members get because of your temperatures. Just start slow and DON'T adjust your Vcore as that will really shoot up your temps. Keep your Vcore at stock settings and move your FSB 5-10 mhz at a time until stability stops and then just go back to where you were prior. Good luck!!
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