please help - can't get sp2!

I'm going nuts. Wanted to do a clean reinstall of xp, such a simple thing - not! My disk is old, pre sp2. I had a cd-rom with sp2, but when I went to load it, said was corrupted, and it will not load. No problem, I'll go to windows update, and get sp2 (can't load my Mobo or graphics drivers without it).

I have spent 3 hours on the MS update site. It WILL NOT let me have sp2. Spends long time downloading update software, apparently sucessfully, then wants to do it all over again. When I search for sp2 specifically, send me back to the same cycle of looking for updates, downloading update software. One time I got to where it listed my critical updates, but no sp2, just a bunch of small security updates FOR sp2. I even let them all download, but then it said couldn't install them because I didn't have sp2! I realize they discontinued support for xp w/o sp2, but surely they will let you have sp2. Is there any place else I can get it? Anyone willing to email it to me? I'm desparate, pissed, and if Bill Gates was here, he'd be dead meat. This was supposed to be the easy part of my day, not the impossible task. I started at 0900, it's 1630, and I am no closer.

Oh - site is no longer set up to accomaodate IE6 users, but won't let me update to IE7. My xp is legal, and activated.

I've done 4 installs to clean out and start over. Please, please help! I'm absolutely desparate!
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