Can't come out of sleep mode

Installed Vista Premium 2 days ago over XP on a fairly high end system. have had some hard drive warning messages and this other strange problem...I cant come out of sleep mode. I always wind up having to have to reset as all I get is a blank screen.

Never had this happen before and I don't really know where to start. Any ideas?
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  1. This is not necessarily a new issue. I have had this same problem with XP. Not much on the web or microsoft in the past that I have found in terms of help on this subject. Looks as though Microsoft is heavily addressing this with their focus on Vista. However it has to do with ACPI settings if you want to look that up. And also what the capabilities of your motherboard are. I.E. Some BIOS versions only support certain functions of power management modes. You will have to do a little research on and on your BIOS / Motherboard specs. to find out exactly.
  2. You didn't say what kind of video card. There was a problem with the beta nvidia drivers causing the video to not resume when the PC was woken up. The screen would remain blank. Not sure if it was fixed in the recently released (last week) certified drivers or not.
  3. That is a reported bug in the new nVidea Vista driver. nVidea are reported to be working on this and several other bugs.
  4. I'm having issues with coming out of sleep as well. Could need a driver update as was mentioned earlier, I have an EVGA GTS 8800 and I am reluctant to download the new driver untill I have had some more time on the new pc.

    Anyway, the tower kicks back on but the monitors stay dark, so I cant really tell where the malfunction is.
  5. Quote:
    I am reluctant to download the new driver untill I have had some more time on the new pc.
    So you're running the beta driver and not the new certified driver? The beta driver *definitely* causes this problem. Can't say the certified driver fixes it (i don't know), but if you have the beta driver, then no need to question the problem further.
  6. Also, it could be motherboard. ASUS has some known issues (on a few) that they are also testing for power management issues like this.
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