Can Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit run 4gb of ram?

My computer recognizes the 4gb of ram in the bios, but vista only reads 2.75gb. Can vista home premium 32 bit support 4gb of ram?
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  1. It should work, the limit for 32bit is 4Gb, can you post a screen?
  2. Yea, boot up fine, and runs fine. No errors either when i run a memory diagnostic. But it only shows 2.75 gb in system properties.
  3. If you want the full benefit of 4gigs plus ram you need a 64bit os. Vista 32 or XP pro reserve a large chunk of memory for various system overhead tasks.

    Yes, the limit for a 32 bit os is 4gb but as you are seeing it wont all be available to you.
  4. where did you read this. in the Crl+Alt+Del Task maneger or the system information under properties of My Computer?
  5. System info shows the amount available in Windows.
  6. I have the same. 32 bit vista which should be able to use 4gb according to the blurb.
    On mine in system maintenance of welcome center it shows 2.75gb
    On system info properties of (my)computer it shows 2814mb
    In the bios and running memtest86 it shows and tests 4gb

    I am using a BFG 680i m/board and ocz ddr2 8500 ram.
  7. the answer is no and it could but it does not....the 32 bit has its limitation....for example, I have installed 4GB of memory and it reads only 3.325.....When my 64 bit DVD drivers arrive and I install them I should get a full 4.0GB reading......

  8. Thanks for all the info, its helped me with my decsion... guess ill go with 64 bit, since newegg wont refund my memory purchase w/o charging me the restocking fee.

    Look for more posts from me as i try to get a handle on the driver problems of 64 bit lol :P
  9. Upgrade to Vista SP1 will have memory reported to 4GB..
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