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Streaming Live Video with Windows XP

Last response: in Windows XP
February 26, 2007 5:13:11 AM

First of all I am not sure if this is the right forum I should put this in...since I use Windows Media Encoder to do the stream I wasnt sure if Other Software would be the more appropriate place or not...but anyway

The problem is that I have T1 lines available to stream my live claims to have over 700kb of upload speed...yet the stream cuts off when I try to go over 202kb quality...thats doing the stream wirelessly and wired....but more often than not...I will have to do the streams wireless...I would appreciate any help...
February 26, 2007 7:05:47 AM

I'm a bit lost excuse me.

are you trying to stream to internet or to other devices in your house?

if its the internet then your best bet would be to stream from a webspace on the net, your isp is gonna keep cuting off the stream I think home accounts are not the best for streaming from your pc to the net.
February 26, 2007 7:11:45 AM

Its going over the internet to a server for other users to get the stream...however I cannot get the stream quality over 202kps even when being viewed privately by only 1 user...It has been viewed by 120 users at 202kps...but I cant get it over that...or it starts dropping frames and then stops all together.
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February 26, 2007 7:46:03 AM

sounds like 202kps is your limit that way.

not sure what to tell you here.
February 26, 2007 8:00:24 AM

well when you have 700kb of upload bandwidth I dont see why it cant be used...I dont know if its the software...ISP...or hardware that holding me back
February 26, 2007 8:17:21 AM

if you have the same limit with or without router then most likely its your isp.

I have a 2mbps upload speed but if you ask me if I have ever been able to upload that fast you answer is no.

most likely its your isp, they play around and have hidden limits for personal accounts