Configuring Windows XP User accounts

Is there a way to configure the Windows XP user accounts in a basic home computer configuration?

Scenario: More than one person uses the computer. My account has administrator access, the others use the standard Windows restricted user account because certain individuals cannot be trusted to not install something stupid on the system.

Problem: Someone wants to hook-up her Garmin GPS watch to program it. This apparently will only work if her account is setup with Administrator access because when she plugs the device in with a USB cable, Windows is requiring Administrator rights in order to use the device. Lame.

I know if the system logged into a domain I can choose different levels of user accounts but this doesn't appear so with a non-domain setup.

I'm running Windows XP Pro, SP2. Suggestions?
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  1. You could let them use your account to program it and watch to make sure that they don't do anything else. Or, you could set up an account with Administrator rights and put a password on it and let them use that but again you'd have to watch. If you are talking about kids, I'd suggest that if your machine is older, build yourself a new one and gives the kid(s) the old one. I've used this justification (rationalization) at least twice to build new machines. :) If your machine is new, buy or build a cheap one for the kid(s). I really think it's the only answer and the money is well spent. You avoid a lot of whining and moaning and it's fun to say "I told you about doing that so you deal with it." :twisted: With my grandkid when she got a virus I formated her hard drive, she lost all her downloaded music, and made her reinstall Windows. After the 2nd time she started getting the message and was more careful.
  2. why don't you just run vmware and setup an admin account for that person there so they can do what ever they want and nothing will happen to your account.

    I'm not sure how to do what you want so this was the next idea, but I have to say I like the virtual idea alot sense it give both of total freedom.

    just an idea.
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