What is this this thing? (pics)

I am trying to sell a bunch of stuff on E-bay I found in my Grandfathers Basement. There is a TON of computer hardware that I do not recognize. Can anyone help me identify this old video card?


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  1. What's on that white label?
  2. I don't know - The box is still over at his house.

    He has passed away and I was tasked with liquidating the video business. I have no idea what I am even looking at.
  3. Looks like a Pinnacle branded ATI based video card with capture capabilities.

    the white label near the heatsink will tell a lot (looks like an ATI label from the pics). That label should have part/model numbers on it that will help identify it
  4. Looks like what you've got there is Pinnacle Studio's v5 of their DVD/Video editing and authoring software and hardware package. The video card usually comes bundled with the Pro versions. Here's an excerpt from an article found through a simple google search, please note the date of the article...
    March 13, 2003—, the latest version of the company’s mid-range video editing and DVD-authoring software for professional videographers, educators, and advanced video hobbyists. Pinnacle Edition 5 leverages processing power from the PC’s central and graphics processor units (CPU and GPU) to offer hundreds of striking real-time transitions and filters to power-hungry creative professionals. Key new features in Pinnacle Edition 5 streamline the editing workflow and helps content producers create compelling professional-grade video faster and more efficiently than ever before. New real-time accelerated graphics processor (AGP)-based 2D and 3D video effects dramatically improves productivity by allowing editors to process more video, graphic layers and effects in real time. Pinnacle Edition uses a scalable architecture designed to deliver improved performance in connection with future CPU or GPU upgrades...Pinnacle Edition PRO – Integrated, real-time video editing and DVD authoring system with 2D/3D display adaptor and DV & analog I/O on a single AGP card.

    Pinnacle is currently using PCIe cards and up to software version v.11.

    Hope that helps, good luck!
  5. Kinda looks like a modified radeon all in wonder 8500DV Take a look at this pic...it looks very similar.

    Image -

    but yea...that sticker should tell you everything.
  6. looks like a set up for video capture, but I can't place the card, other then it's used with the video capture box.
  7. It's AGP so if you plan on using it, you don't need to waste too much time. Not sure how much longer AGP based boards are going to be available.

    I wasn't able to recognize the card either... card names such as a RT2000 and the DV5000 were heavily associated with that software package you show in the picture, but neither card is the one you show.

    I love posts like this one... sure more interesting than the "rate my build" post that has become so common.
  8. the first one seems to have a firewire port and a dvi port( which i didnt realise was around in 2003, but i could be wrong ), it also has a weird port( presumable for camcorders or whatever ) tbh it should be very very usable today for video editing( but may not be worth much ).

    The second one looks like some kind of audio/video mixer( one set of connectors for input the other for output ) again with a firewire port( presummably for output )

    and the third one looks like generic ATI All in Wonder card

    Of course i could be completely wrong :), but the fact that they all have firewire means that they will still be good for video editing
  9. The second object is a capture device. I have used them and they work really nice. I would keep it.
  10. first and third picture is of the same card. It's probably used for video capture and play back so that you can record video from most any source and edit it on the computer, as for specifically what package it is, I don't know. You best bet is to try to research it on Pinnacles web site.
  11. Quote:
    the first one
    and the third one looks like generic ATI All in Wonder card

    'The first one and third are the same card, no?
  12. Here's all the info you should need for the package you have on your picture. And as someone noted it is an ATI 8500DV edition card. Not an all in wonder as some pointed out since there's no tuner on the card.
  13. link your ebay auction, i may be interested in it
  14. Quote:
    the first one
    and the third one looks like generic ATI All in Wonder card

    'The first one and third are the same card, no?
    you guys are right, sorry, the weird connector threw me :)
  15. Pinnacle Edition PRO 5 !!!! Thank you SO MUCH!

    I see that someone is selling this kit on e-bay for like $350 bucks I am just going to set the starting bid for this one at $2 with no-reserve.

    I will come back and post the link to the auction when it's up tomorrow morning. I think I need to take some better pictures before I list it.

    Thanks so much for all your help guys.

    There is so much computer stuff in that basement I don't even know where to begin.

    I found two Matrox cards RT --- blah blah --- I don't know what any of it is. All of them are in the original boxes with all the original equipment.

    There are three video editing rigs that I have not even cracked the case on yet. I know one of them that he used as his main video editing system has a crap load of system memory and maybe a TB of storage but I don't know anything else about it. He was always tinkering with his computers and usually just left the side of the case off.

    I already listed a Matrox RT2500 that I found under his desk in the box. I am having such a hard time figuring out where to start...


    Thanks again for all your help guys. If you like I will keep you posted here on all the video equipment I pull out - There is more than I know what to do with.

  16. Quote:
    He was always tinkering with his computers and usually just left the side of the case off.

    Wow, what a cool grandad, i hope i still keep my interest in computer when im a grandfather
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