How to overclock this memory
I'm thinking about buying this memory, but before I do I would like some advice from the pros in this community.

I would like to know if this memory would run in my DELL E521 desktop system.
Also will I be able to overclock memory using a DELL computer? I understand that overclocking CPU is not possible for DELL models but what about memory?
Lastly how will I be able to overclock this memory if its possible.

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  1. That memory should work on your dell, but any kind of overclocking is not possible with you dell.

    Next time look into building your own system.
  2. Im a low-budget-tech guy. I wont be building my own until DELL start raising their prices. Anyway thanks for your help. I know what to do now. It seems getting the cheapest memory--the kind that's not overclockable seems good for my dell computer.
  3. I have built some good gaming systems for $600. You can match the price that dell has on the low-end just by shopping around.
  4. I've built a computer before but that 10 years ago. I've thought about building another one recently but I've did my homework and decided not to do it because its just too expensive. If I do built one I would have to spent; Mother board (decent one) $100, PC case (decent loking) $50-100, graphic card (decent)$50-100,hard drive $80-100 (80G-120G?), Accessory (CD rom, burner, floppy) $100, Windows Xp or Vista $100, CPU $100 (Duo Core), LCD Monitor $200-300, and lastly decent looking mouse and keyboard $50. I'm the kind of guy whos real careful about his money--or cheap u might say, but I damn proud of the fact that I only spent $460 on decent running machine that comes with a 19" LCD Monitor. Although its a DELL but its specs is good enough for me for the next 10 years.
  5. Quote:
    ... Mother board (decent one) $100,

    Yes, but it will be much better quality than a Dell. For a Dell-equivalent, you only need to spend $50 or so.

    PC case (decent loking) $50-100,

    If you shop VERY carefully, you can get a decent case and PS for $50 total.

    graphic card (decent)$50-100,

    Your MB, if Dell-equivalent, will have built-in video, so this isn't necessary.

    hard drive $80-100 (80G-120G?),

    Again, if you shop carefully, this will only cost $40 for 120GB or so.

    accessory (CD rom, burner, floppy) $100,

    DVD burner is $30, floppy not needed (if needed, add $20 more)

    Windows Xp or Vista $100,

    Sadly, yes.

    CPU $100 (Duo Core),

    $70 for P805D, $135 for e4300

    LCD Monitor $200-300,

    Way too much; this will cost $130 or so.

    and lastly decent looking mouse and keyboard $50.

    This will cost $30 total.

    Total cost: $500 (using the cheaper choices)
  6. Since I have already purchased this system; I guess theres no turning back now. Anyway I overheard someone said that there is a way to crack the bios that would enable me to overclock my hardwares. Is this true?
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