Turn Off video card !

does anybody know a way to turn off the video card ? I have a Evga 8800
and ASUS p5w and I can't find anything to accomplish that.

My machine is at my bedroom so at night I leave it turned on downloading. One possible thing is to reduce the fan speed to keep it quiet but if I do that the video card temperature raises.

I appreciate any help on that.

Thanks !
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  1. If you 'turned it off', how would you turn it back on in the morning when you have no video output?
  2. Hi thanks for your reply.
    I would like a solution like the one we have in the Power Management.
    Windows can turn off our Monitor, Hard Disk after a given period time. And as soon as you type anything in the keyboard it start the monitor and the Hard disk again.
  3. I don't think that's possible.
  4. I suggest an aftermarket cooler something like a Thermalright HR-03

    http://www.madshrimps.be/?action=getarticle&articID=557 :wink:
  5. I manage to dig up some more information on HR-03, hope this helps

  6. So you are basically looking for something to quiet your system down when you sleep? Correct? Here is what I have. A Zalman fan control. If you get a Thermalright HR-03 which I have and they do make for an 8800 you can connect the fan you use for that into this controller. I basically have all my fans connected to this and then im idle or just doing normal crap I keep everything turned down. When I play games I crank everything up so it sounds like a Jumbo Jet.. Gives you total contol.

  7. Hi Miro thanks by tip.
    By the way to solve my problem it should be very easy I a driver or a software just can manage to put my graphic card on stand by during the time I'm sleeping. It would save power, wouldn't generate heat and also noise.
    The Thermalright is awesome but I almost have sell one of my kidneys to get the video card.
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