Trouble with my E6600 overclock - advice requested

Hey all,

I've just put together my new system, which included an E6600 (using the stock cooler) on a Gigabyte 965P-S3 mobo. I have 2 sticks of Geil DDR2 800 (4-4-4-12) RAM. I've managed to get a stable OC of 3.0 GHz at a normal vcore, but when I try to bump it to 3.2 GHz, my system reboots itself while loading Windows. My question is this: At what point will I need to raise my vcore? How can I tell if the problem is undervoltage? I've seen lots of posts on the subject, and it seems that most people are able to squeeze out 3.2 GHz on a normal vcore.

Any advice here would be most welcomed. Thanks in advance!
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  1. Quote: that point right there. :) You'll also have to run a program called orthos and get at least a few hours out of it without rebooting.

    So 3.2GHz isn't possible without increasing vcore from normal?
  2. when I overclocked my computer I had to up the vcore just before I got to 3.0Ghz's because it wasn't stable with out that. I could also be the ram, That gave me more problem when I was trying to get above 2.8 ghz's
  3. No CPU overclocks identically. Each model hits the same ballpark but not the same. My e6400 got stuck at 3ghz and I had to raise it from 1.375 ot 1.4125 to get stable. I would kick it up to 1.35 and see what happens and go from there. I also had to set my memory to 2.0v to be stable.

    Just watch your temps. You should be ok on stock cooling until maybe 1.375 or so as long as you have good ambient temps.
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