Duo or Quad?

Should I purchase a low end Quad Core CPU or a high end Dual Core CPU?

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  1. Depends what you do with it
  2. if you OC low end duo.
    if you don't high end duo.

    If your primary use is data crunching or encoding/decoding then a quad.
  3. Gaming...OCing...Video editing...Homework....Internet...
  4. i would get the q6600 - its the best!

    if you have a micro atx ssf type system get a e6600, if you have good cooling get a q6600 run it a 3ghz with a good after marker cooler
    fsb 1330 Vcore 1.28 or so
  5. Low or mid range dual core sounds good, like the e6600. There isn't much use for a quadcore yet and by the time there is they'll be so much cheaper that you can just buy one then and still save money as opposed to getting a q6600 now. For example, the Q6600 is around $530 now and the e6600 is around $230. So you save $300 getting an e6600. And the Q6600 is supposed to drop to $266 in Q3, so if that pans out you could get one then and have both a e6600 and a Q6600 for less than a Q6600 now.

    Of course, I doubt a quadcore will be a big help then either, but the point stands. Maybe replace with a quadcore halfway through next year or something.
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