Need Some Advice on a new PC

Hi There, for the past month or so i have been looking to get a new PC as i have started getting into PC gaming lately.

Thing is, i only have a budget of £500 maybe a little bit more.

No way would i call my self a Hardcore gamer, im only a Casual gamer. So a Machine that will run most games with a decent FPS would be fine and maybe Render the few Video to put on Youtube now and again.

I have been to 1 pc shop so far and they recommend this PC for me:

AMD FX-4100 3.6Ghz AM3+ (Said he will Overclock it)
Radeon 6790 1GB
4GB Ram
Asus M5A78L-LE AMD AM3+
EzCool N800D Black Midi-ATX w/ 500wPSU

This will all come to £488

I have done some research on these parts, and i have been getting very mixed results on the FX-4100

Can anybody give me any advice on this machine?

Is it good enough for gaming?

Can i get better for my budget?

Help will be greatly appreciated, Thanks
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  1. keep in mind that the pc shop charges a fee. probably $50 at a minimum.

    for such a low budget you would be better off building it yourself and maximizing your money.

    look on newegg or tiger direct. or even ebay once you know what parts you want.

    personally i lke using nvidia video cards and intel cpus. amd really hasnt been top dog since the early 2000's.
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