POLL: What Web Browse ARE YOU Using???

Just conducting a poll to see how many users at THG uses the different Web browsers available, to see what is the most popular.
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  1. the best one:

  2. I used to use Firefox at work and IE at home... but since IE 7, I've been using IE exclusively and see no reason to bother with anything else.
  3. I use both IE and Mozilla
  4. I had been using Firefox exclusivley until recent unresolved security problems. Now and am trying out Opera and switching to IE7 at times.
  5. I voted firefox but I use opera a lot too. IE I use only to see if a web page I've designed displays as it should
  6. Firefox all the way !!! What's better than being able to customize it yourself. So many add-ons. I love the "IE-Lite " add-on which allows you to right click on any web page and view it in Internet Explorer (those rare pages.) Firefox had tabbed browsing for a good 1 1/2 years before IE. Haha.

    Here's a funny story. A guy called Microsoft because he was having problems with Internet Explorer. The tech support person said that Internet Explorer was not secure and recommended he make the switch to using Firefox. haha. Right from Microsoft.

    My System:
  7. I use all the above browsers. Each has its own unique purpose, to wit:

    Firefox - ecommerce transactions
    IE- normal surfing
    Opera- WAP
    Netscape and the rest- for site testing
    Free Software Downloads
    Email Notifier with auto-login for Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail
  8. I use the burning canine (firefox).
  9. I use Firefox 95% of the time and Internet Explorer when I am forced to. There are some Microsoft sites that still won't allow you to use unless you are using Internet Explorer.

    I have another browser and Office 2007 issue, as well. When I click a link in Outlook 2007 (on XP Pro SP2) I get an error pop-up that exclaims, "Windows was unable to locate the file." Meanwhile Firefox loads the linked page. Going back to Outlook I still have to click the OK to close the error box. I wonder how many programmers it took to make sure that Firefox users would get an error and Internet Explorer users wouldn't. :evil:
  10. I really like firefox and use it always --- there is rare occasion i have to use ie explorer - for some reason had trouble on amazon with firefox --- dont know why. Firefox allows me to lock internet explorer to all of its securest settings and allows me to separate the internet at least somewhat from my operating system. For example, I sometimes seeing quickbooks and other programs trying to access internet when using ie explorer in less secure setting ---- this does not happen when I lock ie to its most secure and just use firefox. Dont know how much more secure it is is --- but feel safer with it. Also, I just like it.
  11. opera for me as i use the tabs alot (firefox rember tab support is an Poor addon to it that does not work as i intend it to work)

    opera tab support is from ground up it allso has better Script protection as well as one of my firends sent me an link you are forced to click it 150 times if you are an firefox or IE user that is, you just click Stop running this script and it goes away allso has Per page settings so, it has 0 activeX support so web sites cant drop stuff on your pc and all the Tabs Stay inside Opera and any popup windows stay on there own tab and if you PC crashs or opera is closed all the tabs you had open are still there

    Firefox you need to get about 3-4 addons from there web site to get better protection then its about the same but i cant work with Firefox rember tab support as if you have 1 Pop upbox up and you close that last you lose what you last closed downbefore that
  12. I agree with the above poster (even though I primarily use firefox). In its basic state Opera is the best browser (atleast on the windows platform).

    Why do I use firefox more ? Its the ease with addons. Also While opera's handling of the search bar is superior it is much easier to add new search engines in firefox than opera.

    If Opera gets the addon support and search engine support that firefox enjoys then I'll be using opera.
  13. I find it hard to beleive that only 12% are using IE ? or are they just not admitting it ;) (joke)
  14. Maybe the tomshardware community is somewhat wiser than the general internet community ? :wink:
  15. Firefox for everything, unless I have to download Microsoft items, then, alas IE 7 8O
  16. I suppose technically I use Opera as well... since that is what the Nintendo Wii uses...
  17. I use Firefox as my main browser because of foxmarks add-on extension. This allows me to run FF on three machines running OSX, Linux and XPx64 while using the same set of sync'd bookmarks.

    I also use Safari in OSX. I also use IE6 at work and IE7 sometimes at home.

    I also have Opera mini on my blackberry.
  18. 8) hahaha.......love the quote zoron
  19. :) Actually I use three different browsers: IE7, Opera and Avant.
  20. Quote:
    :) Actually I use three different browsers: IE7, Opera and Avant.

    How is avant on web standards compliance? And does it support adding search engines?
  21. "ie tab" extension?
  22. So it is not a "real" browser if I understand you correctly? Just an addon for IE?
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