UltraMega noob question, yet i have not an answer to it

im about to build my new rig, its gonna use 4gb pc8500 4*1gb
can i use Vista ultimate 32bits for tht or i need to go 64bits
the comp is gonna be made for hardcore gaming
thts all sorry for the dumb question. and thx for advance 4 the answer
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  1. Either should work.
  2. There are few noob questions. Either will work just like pkellmey said. What do you play though?
  3. Since you're putting 4GB in it, you better go with the 64-bit version. The 32-bit version won't recognize all your RAM.
  4. ok i will go vista 64° =:_] thx for the help, i play well anygame it comes out heh, i know not all games are 64 frindly which it makes me very sad. like. command &conquer 3 t. wars wont work on 64 =:_[
    im still makeig research about if my games are 64 capable
  5. I am also building a rig for gaming. Unreal 2007 baby!
  6. Tho it may be alittle late, just get the retail vista it has 32bit and 64bit on it. 32 bit will see all 4 gigs but won't know what to do with more then 4gigs. For those who are unsure about 32 and 64 bit vista retail is best and more cost effective in the long run.
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