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Active Directory Users and Computers

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Last response: in Networking
April 27, 2007 12:37:04 AM

Hey guys, I am using Active Directory Users and Computers on my server 2003... i have created a user and wish to direct him\her to a certain folder on any computer that she logs onto throughout the network... i have created the folder within the domain server and given the user full control over it, security and sharing....

I wish for the my documents folder to be directed to this folder on any computer that he\she logs onto so that they can directly save there documents into it easily... The user isnt a computer buff, so i cant just tell her to map a network drive to her folder on every computer that she goes to.... which would inturn result in every user having access to her folder through My Computer..

Any Help would be greatly appreciated Thank You in advance


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April 27, 2007 4:12:15 PM

Assign a login script. A simple batch file would work.

net use F: /del
Net Use F: \\2003server\sharename /persistent:yes

That way, everytime the person logs in, the F: drive is mapped to their documents on the server.

You can also change the My Documents folder to be redirected to the F: drive or to the UNC: \\2003server\%username% (if the share is the same as the username)
This would be done through GPO (Group policies) and effect all computers at the Organizational Unit. Doing a quick google will find the results in that one.

Though, if you haven't used GPOs before or want to avoid them for now, the simple batch file will work.

In AD&U, under properties of their user, Account, you can assign a login script (login.bat which contains above Net use commands).

Then in.. %windir%\system32\scripts or something, I can never remember the default directory for scripts for some reason... you would just paste your script in there. When they log in, the account will run that script as the desktop pops up and everything will be great.

You can also add in a Reghack to redirect My Documents to the F: drive if you wanted, or whatever drive you want to use. The F: can be changed to G: or H:, etc.
May 7, 2007 11:43:32 PM

Sorry for such a long reply of thank you... But i am on a fortnightly rotation and am back at the school today.. and thank you because it worked Greatly appreciated :D ... i jus went with the batch file dont want to mess with GPO until i learn more about them....

Cheers Kratos,
May 18, 2007 1:05:23 PM

In AD Users and Computer, navigate to the user's account, right click, choose properties. Choose the profile tab. Under "Home folder", pick a drive letter and the shared folder ( \\server\folder\subfolder ). That should now be their new "My Documents".

I might be missing a step where the logon script specifies that the drive letter mapped in the first step corresponds to "my documents", but you might want to give it a try anyway.