Any suggestions on why i cant pull my pc out of hibernate

Im running Windows Vista Home Premium atm. I cant pull my pc out of hibernate, nor can i restart my pc after shutdown unless i unplug it first. Im not sure what all info one would need to help me with this, but just ask and ill post it up.

Any help or links to previous similar probs would helpl a lot

Thanks in advance

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  1. This is a known bug in the nVidea drivers. Until the problem is fixed by nVidea I just leave my system running 24/7. They are promising a fix in the next few days if you can believe that.
    I do not find it necessary to unplug after shutdown. When it is initially restarted after a power off it will hang mid way through windows load. Another restart and it will load windows normally.
    One of the prices of being an early adopter :).
  2. i becha the HD had a write error when it copied the ram
  3. I have an ASUS board that has this problem. They kept blaming it on the NVidia drivers, and then they released a BIOS update that fixed it. It might be several things, so this isn't as easy a question as it looks.
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