ATI x1950xt 512mb to replace x1900xt 256mb

If i get a x1950xt 512mb to replace a x1900xt 256mb will there be any performance difference that would make the x1950xt worth getting? I haven't seen any benchmarks for the x1950xt 512mb. Thanks for any reply. I also game at 1680x1050.
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  1. I wouldn't really bother with it.

    I would recommend a 8800GTS instead.
  2. so im guessing your talking about the 8800gts 320 mb? i dont have enough $$ for the 640mb version.
  3. I was talking about the 640mb version.

    The 320mb should be a big enough improvement though.
  4. I honestly do not see that you will see a BIG difference. You WILL get better performance because of the increase in memory size, but unless you are going to an 8800 don't bother.
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