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I'm not sure if this should be here or homebuilt, but, here it goes. I am finally ironing out compatibility issues in the PC I am building, and I want to make sure that the following two are compatible:



I had noticed that under "speed" they clocked in with different numbers. This is what raised the question for me. Also, this would fall under memory section, but is there anything that I can get that would perform faster than these cards that keep the 4gb and are compatible with this board?
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  1. The RAM you choose will probably work, it'll just be slower. I'd go with at least DDR2-800 RAM; like this. It's cheaper and faster than the one you picked and comes with a heat-spreader. If you're worried about the brand, I've had a good experience with G.Skill.
  2. The memory you list is not on the Asus QVL (qualified vendor list). As vanka said though, it will still probably work.
    I would also recommend 2 sticks of 1GB ddr2800. It is unlikely you will need 4GB.
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