Which card would be the best bet?

Im running an old AGP rig and i want to upgrade my graphics card. The thing is im torn between 2 and I have a 200$ spending limit. So far im looking at



Evga Geforce 7800 GS

Which one would provide better performance, and another little question. I got an Antec power supply 12V 26A, Would my PSU be able to run these? If there are better cards I can get for the price and that my PSU can run id be greatful to be informed =) Thank you in advance!
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  1. They both use nearly the same amount of power but it sounds as if your PSU can handle either. If power is an issue, than a 7600GT would be perfect. There's a couple of AGP versions floating around Newegg in the same price ranges.

    I would personally go with the X1650XT. It slightly outperforms the 7600GT. The 7800GS and the 7600GT trade blows back and forth.
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