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A comparison of TimeWarner Cable to VOOM

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November 30, 2004 6:19:40 PM

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If VOOM really that good, you decide...

HD PROGRAMMING (base package):
1. HDNews (24/7 News channel all in HD)
2. HDCinema1 (loops four or five old 1-2 star movies 24/7)
3. HDCinema2 (loops four or five old 1-2 star movies 24/7)
4. HDCinema3 (loops four or five old 1-2 star movies 24/7)
5. HDCinema4 (loops four or five old 1-2 star movies 24/7)
6. HDCinema5 (loops four or five old 1-2 star movies 24/7)
7. HDCinema6 (loops four or five old 1-2 star movies 24/7)
8. DivineHD (HDCinema7 renamed - loops four or five 3-5 star movies)
9. MonstersHD (Focuses on old Monster b-movies, Godzilla, King Kong,
10. EquatorHD (24/7 documentaries from third-world countries)
11. WorldSportsHD (European and Asian sports, mostly european
12. RushHD (Extreeme Sports - skateboarding, snowboarding, etc...)
13. RaveHD (HD Concert channel for popular music 24/7)
14. UltraHD (Fashion channel)
15. AuctionHD (High dollar auctions broadcast live.... [yawn])
16. GalleryHD (HD look inside art museums around the world)
17. MOOVHD (HD channel devoted exclusively to "video art"... [yawn])
18. AnimaniaHD (HD channel devoted to cartoons in HD, don't get too
excited this channel only shows original cartoons and
they only have four to pick from)
20. BravoHD
21. TNT HD
22. Discovery HD Theater

23. Cinemax HD East
24. Cinemax HD West
25. ShowTime HD East
26. ShowTime HD West
27. The Movie Channel HD
28. STARZ! HD East
29. STARZ! HD West
30. Encore HD
31. HBO HD East
32. HBO HD West
33. Playboy HD

Over 50 channels (TLC, Discovery, CNN, Disney Channel, USA, Cartoon
Network, etc...) notable missing channels: Food Network, G4TechTV
along with many others available on TimeWarner

Base HD package Price: $50/month service fee, plus $9.50/month
equipment fee

Extended (Va Va Voom): $90/month (11 additional HD channels, roughly
$3.00/each), plus $9.50/month equipment fee

--> Since VOOM is a satellite service, it does not include local
networks (ABC,CBS,NBC,FOX,WB,UPN) in HD or otherwise. The VOOM box
does include an 8VSB over-the-air HD tunner so if these channels are
broadcast in HD in your area you can pick them up. Reception of these
channels depends on how close you are to the towers, atenna type vs
coverage, etc...

--> There is typically a $199 fee for the HD equipment (one time) and
a $199 installation fee ($400 up front may be a bit too much for
some), also there may be additional $200 deposit fee for customers
with less than spotless credit. Currently VOOM has a special promotion
that eliminates these fees (save the $200 deposite required for those
with low credit scores).

--> VOOM is still relatively new in the market. If they go out of
business or change ownership you stand to loose your up front

--> Since VOOM is a dish based service, reception is subject to cloud
coverage and weather conditions (when it rains hard your signal will
often go out)

--> No DVR option, and if you sign on now and pay the $199 for the
current hardware (or accept it free with promotion) you're likely to
be out $199 (or likely more) again when new DVR enabled boxes do
become available.

Typical out of pocket (up front) cost: $400-$600

TimeWarner Cable
HD PROGRAMMING (base package):
1. INHD1 (HD variety channel: plays concerts, documentaries,
2. INHD2 (HD variety channel: plays concerts, documentaries,
3. HDNet (HD variety channel: plays concerts, documentaries,
4. HDNet Movies (HD movie channels plays mostly 2-3 star older
7. Discovery HD Theater
8. Local NBC affiliate
9. Local ABC affiliate
10. Local CBS affiliate
11. Local FOX affiliate

12. HBO HD East
13. HBO HD West
14. ShowTime HD East
15. ShowTime HD West

Around 200 channels, when it comes to SD programming cable is still
the standard for subscription based content by which others are

Basic HD package+ Price around $60/month
(monthly charges include:
$50 digital cable service, $7 HD box lease, $3 HD-Plus package)
optional HD-DVR service and equipment lease, additional $3.75 month)

Extended HD package: $80/month, plus additional $10 for HD box lease
and HD-plus package). Total $90/month. (extended package adds 4
channels, 2 HBOs and 2 Showtimes at about $5/each)

--> TimeWarner does provide local networks in HD for: NBC,CBS,ABC and
FOX in most markets. This means you need you don't need an antenna to
get these networks and your reception doesn't depend on how far you
are from the tower. The disadvantage is that WB and UPN are seldom
carried so you'll have to invest in an external tunner to pick up
these networks (this will likely change soon).

--> Depending on credit rating you may be required to put up a $200

--> Installation fees can be up to $50, but in most markets customers
have the option of picking up the equipment and doing a self-install
at no cost.

Typical out of pocket (up front) cost: $0-$200
December 1, 2004 12:34:45 AM

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> --> TimeWarner does provide local networks in HD for: NBC,CBS,ABC and
> FOX in most markets. This means you need you don't need an antenna to

Guess there is one good thing I can say for TW. Check your local TW on this
one. I'm getting all my local HD's through TW.
December 1, 2004 1:11:04 AM

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To me, these kind of threads are like religious discussions. Everyone
has their beliefs as to what is right for them. Thank goodness we have
multiple choices.

Me? I'm bi-coaxial. I have both Voom and TimeWarner installed. :)  I
hope that in 6-12 months the differences between the two will narrow and
I can choose one or the other, but for now, I'll enjoy the best of both

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