writing a .cmd file to add 2 addresses to arp table at start

I need help writing a command file that adds 2 IP's to my computer's arp table at startup.

commands are as follows:
arp -s (MAC address)
arp -s (MAC address)

thanks for any help
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  1. Copy and paste your above commands into notepad.

    Instead of saving it as .txt, save it as .bat or .cmd

    Put in your start up. It'll add it each time you log into your computer.
  2. I put those into notepad and saved it as arp.cmd, placed it in the startup folder, and restarted. It kept looping the commands in a command prompt window.

    I put them in exactly like the following:

    arp -s 00-01-b8-d6-59-9f
    arp -s 00-06-b7-29-47-cc

    Is the spacing off, or do I need some command to stop the loop?

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