Brand new build restarting itself, overheating?? Please help

I just finished putting together a new build.

cpu: amd X2 3600
psu: 430w thermaltake
ram: 1gb patriot
vc: sapphire radeon 1950pro
os: winxp

here is screenshot of error I get

This happens when I put some strain on the machine, for example, I was transfering about 20gb of files, and I would get that blue screen, it would reboot, and then just hang. I have to turn it off and restart in order to go to windows again.

Then I tried installing a game, Medieval 2, and I get the same error and reboot when im tring to install.

I've checked temp with Everest Home Edition, and it says the cpu is between 18-22c.

Anyone know why this is going on?
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  1. could it maybe be that my psu cant handle it?

    this is the psu that is powering that system
  2. i can be able to burn memtest on a cd, how do I do this?
  3. update on my situation:

    I have moved the ram stick to a different slot and everything seems to be working fine as of right now, I'll let you know if aything goes wrong again.

    Thanks for the help.
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