What is a good mobo with 2 ata channels

I am building a new rig (core2duo) and looking for a good mobo with 2 ata channels for 2 cd/dvd drives and an ata hard drive, I would like to find something with more than 4 sata ports for future hard drives (I am getting 3 sata hdds with my new build no raid) and at least ddr2 800mhz ram support. Right now I am looking at a nVidia 650i mobo (ASUS P5NE SLI LGA775) but sli or crossfire support does not matter. Just wondering if there were any suggestions on a better mobo at around the same price.
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  1. abit fataallity have a board that has two ports, four channels for PATA stuff, dont forget you can get around this prob with PCI or PCI-e cards so dont miss out on a real good board cos of PATA ports.
  2. The ASUS P5VD2-MX has 4 SATA 1.5/3 Gbps ports ( can't remember which speed lol )

    It also has 2 IDE ports.

    Price - $70 , aka £35
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