suddenly unable to connect to internet with pc but others ok

Not sure i am in the right place but need help. For quite some time we have had two older pc's for the kids with win98se and have two laptops with xp. one of the kids pc's has been the "main"computer for our linksys router/cable modem connection for a couple or more years now. It suddenly stopped connecting to the internet. I am not sure if something was downloaded causing a problem or not. It wont connect via router nor direct modem cable connection. the laptops and other pc can connect both ways. so i switched from one pc to the other as the main direct connection. all but the originally connected pc has internet connections (although had to reconfigure all because of the new IP info etc.) No matter what i try i still cannot get the first pc to connect to the internet. ANy suggestions, I have tried many many things but I dont know what I am missing. Could there be files missing or something else? Please help, I am not very computer savy but can usually troubleshoot with good results but not this time. I am so frustrated and now the kids are fighting over one computer. cant afford new ones at this time. Please help me to figure this out.
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  1. DHCP or static IP's?
    Have you tried power cycling the entire network? (pre-XP Windows needs this)
    Have you checked DNS settings?
  2. Try to check your TCP/IP settings in the network conenctions. Put it in default(let your pc look for your own tcp/ip).
  3. Also, try to configure your web based settings of your Linksys router. To be sure, make it all in default setting. I think the default http for your web based configuration of your router is To be sure, check your Linksys manual & model.
  4. The default IP address for a Linksys router is IP addresses NEVER end with 0.

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