Thermalright 120 E installation question

Do you remove the plastic piece and the other square plastic covering on the backplate?
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  1. The plastic/rubber type piece I assume is supposed to stay. Im just worried about the adhesive part...and how can you remove the backing plate if you stick it on there with the adheasive that is on the backing plate.
  2. Mine comes tomorrow via FedEx so I will be able to comment more fully then. I have filed the thread in my mental to-do list. :D
  3. From another board, it seems applying the adhesive backing is a major screw up. Well I screwed up can I remove this thing.

    Honestly I never plan on replacing the heatsink...but still I dont want to cause any issues etc because of this adhesive backing.
  4. Do not use any adhesive pad for the backplate or it will a pain later on when the time comes to remove it. Apply thin layer of thermal paste on both cpu and heatsink base plate.

    Installation Guide
  5. To late. Should I try and remove it? Any way to?
  6. Quote:
    To late. Should I try and remove it? Any way to?

    If you use the adhesive pad, remove it before it dries up over time. Use a heatgun or hair dryer to soften up the adhesive and should peel easily. Do not overheat the motherboard or you'll end up damaging it. Just heat it up around 120f and enough for the adhesive to become gooey again.
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    Do you remove the plastic piece and the other square plastic covering on the backplate?

    Ok, after installing my TR Ultra 120 Extreme I can answer this. Yes you remove that larger translucent piece of plastic, however I left the square covered because I didn't want it permanently afixed to my mobo. If you paste it to the mobo it becomes very difficult to get off.


    Having temp issues with Intel TAT, once I get CompuTronix's advice I will start writing up my build. It posted and booted to windows IHSless (damn I am good :tongue:).
  8. Hmmm. I left the piece of plastic on the back plate. I'm not to worried about the adhesive pad as I have no intentions of taking it off. Will leaving the plastic or having the adhesive on the board cause any issues?
  9. Nah, it shouldn't hurt your temps or mobo in any way. Just packing material.

    Damn it Home Depot run...
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    sweet, but aren't you the least bit worried the 120 extreme will damage the cpu since it's ihsless?

    Anyways, at least since I have an am2, they already come with a backplate preinstalled, which makes my life ten times easier if I decide to buy the 120 e, but I'm planning on saving up for the ifx-14

    Nope, not worried at all. It actually isn't under that much pressure because the screws were designed to sit tight against a CPU with a IHS, which is about 1/8", so that gives it a little wiggle room (which I had to deal with).
  11. My Temps

    20c Idle 36c Load... I'm a fan. Could be 1-2c better with more contact pressure, but I will take it. Better than anything I've had before. :)
  12. Thank You. Knew the Ultra 120 Extreme would be fun... expect the full thread monday around noon after my law final.

    Eh, stock. Trying to resolve the temp descrepancy between Intel TAT and Speedfan. I will OC after my finals probably (at least hardcore OC).
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    So if the screws are designed to have some clearance, then if I take the ihs off my x2 and strap on an ifx-14, should I be too worried about it? Because you seem to be getting great temps, and I really want an ifx, not to mention amd only started to solder the ihs on their cpus I believe after the initial price cut wayyyy back at the end of july, so if I'm lucky, mine might not even be soldered, I guess it won't hurt to try cutting the expoxy on the side off and see if I can slide the ihs off, if I can I know it's not soldered, if I can't, frying pan, here I come 8O

    I think if you take care when you install you shouldn't have too much of an issue. I took twice as long to build this rig as I have in prior builds because of the delicate nature of the E4300. The problem will be if I have to move the rig, that is when the crack is likely to happen. I alternated screws doing a 1/2 turn at a time so that the pressure was relatively evenly spaced. I don't know anything about AMD soldering IHS's on, my Opty 165 wasn't soldered but there were mini capacitors along the edge (as I have told you before), so don't forget that.

    Side note: What ticked me off was my Ultra 120 Extreme's fan mounting mechanism touches the top 120mm tri-cool fan rendering it useless. All in all it isn't a big deal, but still wish I could fix it (no way around it that I can see w/o major effort).
  14. No, I have a modded P182. I forget if it was you or kwalker that recommended it, but it was worked out extremely well.
  15. Who knows. My tri-cool is pretty close to the mobo so I am guessing you would have proper clearance, but that is just a guess.

    Thanks for the 182 advice... only problem I had was cutting a side blow hole... there are 3-4 layers of crap to cut through lol.
  16. See if you can match the flow of Niagara falls. 8O
  17. we create some of the mos ridiculous comparisons.... :lol:

    Well said.
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    that's probably why we're in daclan lol

    You maybe but I'm just an outsider looking in. :?
  19. Yeah... those "special people"

    :D :wink:
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    heh, right now I'm just looking into tecs for my watercooler when I take my ihs off. I found a nice auxilary psu that fits in a drive bay, now I just need to find out how to link it with my regular psu

    My guess is you found a Meanwell S320 PSU with bare leads. Your best bet if you want to link them together is to look for a PCI relay switch which is normally used to link a water pump to a PSU so they start at the same time. The PCI relay should work for the meanwell it just may be an interesting wiring job.
  21. Nice. Keep me posted.
  22. I don't actually have the block yet, it is on my to do list, but the manufacturer is having issues getting them built (for whatever reason).

    The block is Arctic Web Cooler. It requires a very strong pump. :wink:
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    Dammit, sorry superfly, I just did some research, and they apperantly went out of business like a year ago or so :cry:

    Hmmm then why do they respond to emails I wonder....?
  24. Hmmm, weird. Makes me glad I never got authorization for a sale... not that there aren't legal recourses for fraudulent sales under the UCC. :wink:
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