TAT Workload + e4300 + OC = Crash. Please help

first all, ive read this guide :

my e4300 is currently OC'd to 2.8ghz. I run TAT workload at 100%. The moment the CPU temps hit 65 = crash. Ive seen screenshots on these forums and others of people running the workloads at 100% and their temps in the 70's. im pretty confused as to why im crashing. Is it TAT itself that is causing the pc to crash due to Thermal Design Power: 65w via intels website?

When im playing games, messing around etc. the machine never crashes.

That guide above confuses the hell out of me.

Additionally, I am very confused as to which software I should be using for my e4300 to monitor the temps. Coretemp 0.94 or 0.95, since they report completely different temps.

There is so much ambiguous info on the net regarding the proper software to use to monitor these and similar processors. *beg*, *plead*, *grovel*.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated guys.

Many thanks.

PC SPec:

e4300. stock voltages
evga 775 680I T1
OCZ 650w PSU
xp home
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  1. Check your memory...

    I was running Kingston 533 when I first started overclocking and I would crash whenever Orthos did a stress test that involved RAM.

    I bought OCZ 800 MHz RAM and I have no crashes when running Orthos stress test involving RAM.
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