Installing windows 8 with an external hdd

hey guys, i am new to this forums and joined today. My question is that can i install windows 8 from my 2TB external hdd. i have created 3 partitions in it, a 1tb one, a 950gb one and a 50gb one. i want to put the setup files on the 50gb partition and install windows from it onto my E drive. I DO NOT want to lose my files on the other two partitions. thanks.
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  1. I would not recommend this because installing operating systems onto external HDD's are not designed to be used for continious use which windows operating system does I would recoommed installing on a partition on a internal HDD.

    If you would like to dual boot and make the mbr (Master Boot Record) recognize on start up after install is complete.

    Reguards Robert

    Ps if you have a iso image of windows 8 then you can run the setup only from the external drive but you can install on the drive,
    but I would not recommend this.
  2. Just curious, what is the point to having your boot drive on a portable device. If you think you can move the OS from one computer to another you are wrong.
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