BSOD Installing Vista Problem!!! PLEASE HELP!!!

Hey guys,
okay, heres the problem. I built a computer made entirely of new hardware and when i tried installing windows vista i got the blue screen of death (BSOD). I installed windows xp and tried running the vista setup from windows. It did fine untill it restarted to continue setup and then on setup load i got the BSOD again.

The Vista disk is a brand new Home Premium disk. I also tried installing of a different vista disk and same thing...

When i boot into the cd, it loads setup files and goes into the bootup screen with the green bars moving at the bottom. When that finishes the BSOD pops up. It always comes up at that point. What can i do and what is my problem?

My Specs:

INTEL 650 P4 @ 3.4 GHz
1 Stick 1GB RAM
80GB HDD seagate
PSU @ 550W Output
ATI X800 GTO 256MB

Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.
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  1. Umm, new hardware? That's pretty old.
  2. jeez...thanks for the help smart ass.

    I meant the hardware was all bought a few days ago and i haven't used it before.
  3. You might try gigabyte site for a bios update. Since it is during setup there is nothing which can be done reg drivers.

    Also try changing the memory setting in bios. If you have overclocked set all settings to standard.
  4. Are you running SATA? I have heard some driver issues (usually its Maxtor drives) with SATA that you wouldn't normally encounter otherwise. If you are, you may want to make sure you have the most up-to-date drivers for your hard drive, if possible. I had to go from a Maxtor to a WD due to a similar issue.
  5. What is the numerical code that comes up when the BSOD displays? This is most likely a hardware error, but I'd like to know the code so I can correctly diagnose this.
  6. That is by no means new hardware, my son. Update the BIOS, change RAM settings, the usual trobleshooting should work.
  7. Thanks for the replys guys...

    I'll get the error code as soon as i can and post it on.

    How do i change RAM settings?
  8. You need to enter into the BIOS.
  9. what is it called and what does it come under in the bios and what settings do i have to change for it?
  10. I'm not sure if its the same on your motherboard, but in most of the computers that I have its listed under Advanced CMOS, and check Memory Settings. Also, look in your motherboards manual and the Gigabyte website for more details.

    As for the settings, I wouldn't advise you to change anything till I see the BSOD code.
  11. New build: Always run memtest86 for several hours then boot a Linux live CD distro. If they don't work, check memory settings and make sure you have a top quality power supply.
  12. Alright guys...ahh...i think my DVD-Drive sorta burnt and stoped working. I had to replace it with a CD drive, so i can't boot into the vista DVD anymore...If i fix this issue i'll repost this discussion, but i'm gonna end this one for now...

    Thanks for all the help anyway.
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