What should i buy?

I am about to buy a new computer whit these specs:
Intel C2D E6600
ASUS Motherboard C2D P5N32-E SLIS775 NF680i
THERMALTAKE Toughpower 850W
OCZ Gold GX XTC 2048MB DDR2 PC6400 KIT

I am wondering most about the PSU and RAM. Are these good?

Please help me :D
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  1. Looks good.

    However, what video cards are you considering? And how much can you spend?

    Judging by your PC parts, you can easily go for a 8800GTS 640mb, or a 8800GTX.
  2. you will only need that big power supply if your going to do 8800GTX SLI and quad core and 3 or more hard drive other wise you be fine with 600 watts
  3. I was thinking about the 8800gtx, but it's going to hurt in my pocket though. :cry:
  4. You can go for a 8800GTS, which is cheaper, and a great card too.
  5. I shall consider it! thanks for the help though :D
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