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My dad is having some strange visual artifacts occuring when he uses the latest version of google earth, for whatever reason, as he tries to zoom in on certain locations, there are a bunch of strange cyan and magenta covered lines that shoot out from the center of the image towards the edges and sometimes they go in random directions. At first I thought this could be some sort of feature that he could turn off (like it was indicating distances with the lines or something), but then I saw that as he would zoom in on a particular place like mount everest, the picture would completely black out in certain places in addition to having these lines. These artifacts ONLY occur in google earth and did not occur prior to the installation of the newest version of google earth. Does anyone think they know what the issue could be?

I don't think this should be a driver problem as this is the only program that causes these problems.

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  1. How much memory does the PC have? GE is a memory hog, he may just not have enough memory....
  2. Well, his laptop is a bit old, and it only has 512MB of ram and part of that ram is shared with his integrated graphics system. However, seeing as how he was able to run prior versions of Google Earth with no visual artifacts, I doubt that the lack of memory is the problem here. Thanks for the suggestion though.

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