XP Install, two partitions, cannot remove other, C: is D: ?


Yesterday I did re-install of Windows XP home OEM. I have two partitions no the hard disk. I copied all the important stuff to the former D: drive, and wanted to wipe out C: drive and install Windows.

When I started the install, I noticed I had my memory stick attached. It was shown as D: drive. So:

C: - Windows
D: - Memory stick
E: - Backup partition

I wanted to remove the memory stick before doing the installation. I (unfortunately) removed and re-created the C: drive before removing the stick and rebooting. After reboot I have:

D: - Empty, to be Windows disk
C: - Backup partition

This remains like this if I install Windows on D: drive. Things probably work fine, but I would prefer C: drive as OS drive.

The question: How on earth I can make the OS drive to be C: drive again? I have some other hard disks, to which I could basically move the backups and delete also the backup partition. I would like to avoid this, requires some extra hassle. I tried to map the drives with partition magic, no help. I guess this may have something to do with the contents of the backup partition, maybe it contains something that makes the installation to decide it should be C: drive.

I'm really curious to know if the installation is really this stupid, or is it just me?... 8)
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  1. So the situation is something similar as here: reinstalled XP but C: drive is now D:

    Anyone with anything new?
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