Need help from AGP / Socket 775 overclockers

I am new to overclocking. Until recently, I have not bothered to overclock. However, after being an avid reader of, I decided to take the dive into the world of Core 2 Duo overclocking.

It is great. I am hooked. So here is the problem...

I have a video editing machine and a server with the exact same specs (including an AGP Radeon 9800 Pro & Quadro Pro FX1100). I plan to "retire" the machines to the kids without the video cards.

I want to build 2 Core 2 Duo Socket 775 machine and use my AGP video cards in them. I have found a couple Socket 775 boards that support Core 2 Duo chips and have AGP slots.

I am looking for opinions or reviews from overclockers who are currently or have previously used a Socket 775 board with Core 2 Duo support AND and AGP video slot. I would obviously like to find one that I can overclock an 1.8 or 2.13GHz C2D CPU.

Please let me know which boards can support overclocking that meet the requirements.


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    Seen your post perusing this forum Speak German?I've heard really good things about this mobo,according to my research. they ship to USA. will cost you about $125 with shipping.
    if not for you there is a is the Asrock 4core dual vista.that takes AGP or PCI E and supports ddr and ddr2 at Newegg,at little less than half the choices,but not bad choices.
  2. i cant really recommend a board but from personal experience i can tell you to NOT get this board from asrock.

    it works for basic stuff but the the overclocking is a little limited.
  3. I ordered an Asus board, will post once it arrives and I get it clocked.
  4. please do, i might get it if it works well for you.
  5. it seems the Asus P5PE-VM does not have very good overclocking capability at all ...

    Contrary to what I have read about it on this forum and other forums. I have even updated the bios thinking maybe it was an "update" that opens it up.

    If anyone has any suggestions, maybe I am stupidly missing an obvious program or screen to access overclocking, I would appreciate you posting here.


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