Vista dvd wont boot up for new install

When I try to install Windows Vista retail dvd and the computer asks if i want to boot from the dvd I press anykey and then a series of asci characters appears on the screen and then the computer looks to the floppy drive for a bootdisk. Why is this happening? Also if I run the Vista dvd from within winxp as an upgrade, everything goes fine till the reboot. Then again a bunch of asci characters appears and then again the floppy drive light stays on till I press the reset button. Then the computer wont boot period, I have to format the drive and install winxp again. Any ideas about this?
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  1. Sounds like hardware. What's the specs?
  2. asus a8n-vm csm/nbp 939 socket
    amd opteron 170
    current drivers for winxp
    downloaded nbp vista x32 drivers from
    2 sticks 512mb ddr400 ocz ram
    2 raptor 36gb sata-1 drives raid 0
    nvidia replied that the board is compatible as is.
    asus forums users say 'csm/nbp' incompatible as is but 'csm' version compatible.
    uninstalled winxp drivers and then installed vista drivers then rebooted, no initial probs but vista video drivers were incompatible under winxp.
    installed sata / raid drivers for vista during vista upgrade installation at winxp desktop.
    vista gathered files and then rebooted and again asci characters and no bootup.
  3. I have another type of ASUS board that everyone complains whenever they contact tech support, they get the wrong info. I would believe the ASUS user forums - they seem to have a lot of people who know more of what they are talking about in most cases. However, I am interested in what is incompatible in this case.
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