Two 36GB Raptors in Raid 0 or one 74GB Raptor?

I am putting together a new PC build(first one in a few years) and would like to tap into the knowledge of some of you here.

I was thinking of either getting one 74gb/150gb raptor as my OS drive(with my main couple of games installed on it) and then a Seagate 7200.10 320 for storage/ect. Or I could get two 36gb raptor's and raid 0 them with the seagate as the storage drive.

Getting the two 36gb raptors would cost about $40 more than the single 74gb one, but then I could have them in raid. I would love to raid two 74gb ones but at $340 for two that is a little steep since I would still need to buy a storage drive.

I guess my question is which option would you suggest, raided 36gb raptors, or a single 74gb raptor. All of my critical data would be on a storage drive. Would the raid be worth it over a single 74gb raptor at about $40 bucks more(albeit more hassle).

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  1. It depends on what you'll be using the system for. If you're a gamer, go with the RAID-0 on two drives to minimize the HDD bottleneck. There is no question that a good RAID-0 config will increase system performance. You obviously know the dangers of RAID-0, so no need to discuss that.

    I'm a Electrical Engineer, I need system performance. I personally have two 200GB Seagates in RAID-0 with an external HDD for backups. When I play CS:s, I always load the fastest. ;)

    I personally have been thinking about RAID-0'ing a pair of SSD's. I'd love to see Sandisk or Samsung come out with a SATA SSD that I could easily integrate into my desktop. So far, they are focusing more on laptops... :S

    *Note* - Make sure you always have proper backup HD, you'll kick yourself in the ass later if you don't.

    Hope that helped... :)
  2. I just went with a single 150gb raptor 10k for now. I will add the 2nd one later down the road for raid0. I also got a seagate 320gb for my storage drive.
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