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I have a nvidia 6600 vanilla and using nvidia forceware 100.65 and everytime i shutdown or log-in i get this distorted lines and video glitch...

is there any fix for this?
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  1. Do you mean at the login screen or the when the screen goes black just before you see an image? If it's when the screen is blank, I get that too and I was told that it is a driver issue (and it did shorten how long it was there between driver updates).
  2. glitches like distorted lines, the screen is there but there is some line glitch (scratch like), even when it goes to the screensaver mode. Is this done by the driver itself?
  3. I've never seen that yet, but it should still be your graphics driver. I've heard of this problem in XP and it was a conflict between the graphics card and the power savings on the mb - it might be worth a try to turn off power savings and see if it makes a difference, though I doubt it will.
  4. btw windows vista was able to autodetect my vga (i think like with other vgas) and it doesn't have this glitch, after installing forceware driver from nvidia then this problem came. I tried the 101 beta still no dice... same distorted lines...

    i was trying to print screen it... but it didn't show up on it. weird...
  5. Switch back to a earlier version of the drivers to see if this problem goes away.
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