system restore problem

The error message comes up: restart computer and try again (along those lines not exact). I have taken the advice and i tried again. Still the same. I checked to see if it was enabled it was. It said it is monitoring ( hard drive).
I allow maximum usage of the hard drive.
Thanks for the help
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  1. Hi there, i think i have the same problem as you do.

    When i go to system restore and choose a date then the comp sshuts down, the system restore windows status bar goes about 1/3 or the way then all the way in like 2 secs, which i think is stuffed up because then when XP boots again it says "Restoration Incomplete; please choose another restore point blah blah blah" and i also have the monitoring on all my drives and it doesnt work.

    I've tried like 4 times now, all failures. On my older machine however, the status bar take like 1min or so to reach the end and when XP boots again, it says "Restoration Successful" so i dunno what to do :?

    I dont want to have to format everything and start again, so if someone can help i am very grateful.
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