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I mainly play games on my PC and browse the internet. Im looking for a new desktop that will handle games for a decent price. I play EQ and I would like to play WoWC. I was looking at this one but now Im not to sure about it.. ZT Affinity 7623Mi Desktop PC Bundle with Intel Core i7-2600 Processor, 16GB Memory, 23" widescreen LED display with integrated stereo speakers, 2TB Hard Drive, and Windows 7 Home Premium

What would you recomend?

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  1. eq and wowc are not very demanding games. i am willing to bet even a 4-5 year old pc could run them maxed out. something to keep in mind if you are on a budget.

    preferably you should build your own system. its really not that hard. if you want to buy one then i would say buy the tower and the monitor seperate from it.

    generic tower specs which should last you around 5 years...

    i7 family processor
    6-8gb memory
    one step down from the bleeding edge video card at the time
    small 70-100gb ssd drive for boot up
    larger 1-2tb drive for files
    700-850w psu depending on what parts you get
    sata II min (sata III recommended)
    a few usb 3.0 ports

    as far as a monitor... look at the perepherals section and read some posts on the types and things to look for.

    before you go out and buy a pc... know what you are buying. for instance i know that 16gb of ram is excessive. i've never used more than 3 (on my 6gb system) even when multitasking during a very demanding game. unless you video edit, cad model, or utlilize lots of ram its not required and the money can be better spent elsewhere.
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