case question and NewEgg RMA question (and I hate UPS)

I should have learned long ago that UPS kills cases. :x I just opened my Antec P180B today to build my system and the bottom front right plastic is pretty much obliterated. The box has a ding in the corresponding location but it doesn't look bad enough to cause damage with as well packed as Antec cases are. Guess I should have opened the case a week ago when I received it (even though I had nothing to put into it). I will never buy another case over the internet (at least not if UPS is the shipper).

I'm now looking at running to MicroCenter to buy a case and just return the busted one to NewEgg (and eat the 15% restock).

Theoretically anyway, MicroCenter has the Antec P182 and P180B at the same price. From what I've heard, the P182 is a slightly upgraded P180B (mostly with cable management). Is that correct? If so, I'll grab the P182 if they have it and the P180B if not.

I just went to RMA the case to NewEgg and the RMA pops up a window "no RMA will be accepted for carrier damage - please call customer service". Of course, customer service is apparently only open 40 hours per week. :evil: Has anyone dealt with shipping damage via NewEgg? What is the process likely to be (once I can get hold of anyone there)?
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  1. My advice to you is, call or email Newegg customer service and complain BIG TIME, be a little rough. I had a similar experience and I instisted they refunded the FULL amount including the shipping charges.
    The expedided the RMA and refunded -15% restocking fee. Then I emailed again and basically told them: This is unacceptable, this is your headache. They replied and issued a refund for the remaining 15% and the shipping charges.
  2. I had to RMA a monitor from Newegg that died 2 weeks after I got it. Newegg has a 1 month replacement policy, however I was initially told to RMA it through the manufacturer. Well, I got a little "rough" with them as samsayit says, and they ended up RMAing it and refunding me the return shipping cost. So, be persistent with them and don't take "no" for an answer. Oh and yes, UPS does suck.
  3. Well you can say a lot about Newegg, but the fact that they can be "reasoned" with is the reason I am a very loyal customer there. Although not always the cheapest, the do have a great selection, do fast shipping and give you immediate order status etc, and that is really great. Nothing worse than placing an order with some dumbbutt internet store and never receive any status, confirmation or anything and then you can just wonder if the order went into a black hole...
    Being as big as they are, I believe they just don't even want to bother getting any bad publicity over relatively small matters.

    UPS I actually don't have any issues with, I clearly prefer them over FedEx. But I guess that is my luck :-)
  4. You can say that again. I just placed my first and last order ever with zipzoomfly on monday...horrible customer service. Seems like they don't like answering phone calls, and they are unapologetic for anything that seems to be screwed up on their side.
  5. Don't be so hard on ZZF, every place has their bad days. I had a problem on my order ( my fault) and they called then e-mailed. I finally got a hold of them Monday morning the problem was fixed with the voice mail I left overthe weekend. The order said 5-7 days, I had it in 3 days. They are not as big, but they do have good specials. And yes, I prefer Newegg. Bought 10 times as much stuf there then the others place combined.
  6. Just some updates...

    I picked up the P182 from MicroCenter last night. Looks very nice. Unfortunately, I have to wait until Thursday to get time to build the system.

    I ordered the TT Extreme Spirit II from ZZF and had no problems. However, I did not have to deal with their customer support.

    I'm still very unhappy with UPS. However, I'm very happy with NewEgg. I originally asked for a refund without restocking fee and they gave it. I followed up with asking for a refund on the shipping I had already paid (expecting to still pay the shipping to return the case to them) and they refunded the original shipping and sent a pre-paid UPS shipping label to return the case.

    A quick question on the P182 fan speed controls on the rear of the case - are these "normal" voltage regulation controls or are they proprietary to the Antec Tri-Cool fans? I bought some Noctua fans to replace the Tri-Cool and can't find any info on if the controls on the back of the case will be usable (though I'll probably just always leave the Noctua on high anyway since they are so quiet).

    I did notice one downgrade from the P180B on the P182 (at least according to the manuals). The P180B manual says the lower chamber fan is a high-volume lower-speed Tri-Cool but the P182 manual says the lower chamber fan is a standard (high-speed) Tri-Cool.
  7. May be they want you to contact the Shipper because it was insured thru them.
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