Fantom Driver 500GB Ext. Hard Drive

I got this yesterday and a friend of mine said I needed to create a partition for it? Question is.. what do I use to create one and how do I go about doing this, I've never really had to do this before and it's the only way of getting my Hard Drive recognized by the PC. It's showing the Mass Storage device on My Computer.. but no Hard Drive coming up with 500GB.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
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  1. Hi CJ,

    Right click on 'My Computer' and go to the 'Manage' section.

    Then, from the list on the left select 'Disk Management' and you should see your new drive at the bottom saying unpartitioned or similar.

    Right click the drive and click 'Format' then format it as NTFS (or FAT32 if you prefer, but I highly recommend NTFS) and then it'll appear in Windows :)

    Good luck!
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