Should I be worried about this open box?

Well, I snagged this seemingly insane buy for $900 with free shipping on neweggs open box, but wanted to know if anyone has experience with open box pcs like this, i guess i am worried about DOA and such. For this price I couldn't pass that up

i7, 12gb, 64gb ssd + 1tb, hd 6950 seemed epic to me and looked like a portal turret which sealed the deal heh.
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  1. Stuff like this I would never buy "open box". Possible RMA issues.
  2. Open box is always a crapp shoot. I think they have a 30 day return for replacement policy so if u not happy return it. You will then receive another crapp shoot.

    How much would it have cost to do the build with new products? Did you check?

    Is the worry and uncertainty worth that money ?
  3. P0rtal, walk away from the 'open box' deal.
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