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I've got two little problems with Vista that I just can't shake, any ideas folks?

1. When you copy/move files, if you close the parent explorer window, it cancels the action! I've been doing this since Windows 95, why on Gods green earth did they change it? Can you disable this "feature"? Plus, the file currently in transit isn't deleted from the destination even though it's incomplete!

2. Every time, and I mean EVERY time I reboot, my desktop icons rearrange themsleves. This happened even after the first reboot after I added the typical My Docs, etc. I have no other display managers running either.

Thanks guys!
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  1. Quote:
    Every time, and I mean EVERY time I reboot, my desktop icons rearrange themsleves. This happened even after the first reboot after I added the typical My Docs, etc. I have no other display managers running either.

    Thanks guys!

    This is a very, very serious problem. It happened to me when I first installed Vista. Some of the DVDs came with a defect... They were haunted. When you install Vista with a haunted DVD it transfers the ghost to your hard drive. It starts as just re-aranging icons but it evolves into more, much more. The only way to stop this before it is too late is to have a Digital Excorcist come and delete the ghost. Good luck.
  2. Thanks for the oh so usefull reply. :lol:
  3. I just felt that I had a responsibility to warn you.
  4. That is the reason why everyone is hatin' on Vista. The OS itself is great. the way MS put it on DVDs...not so much...
  6. Blame the Chinese! :) MS has their CDs mass produced in China which is the cause for concern over high piracy.

    That's what Gates gets for wanting to invest so much money over there to educate pirates. :x
  7. Yeah, I like my CDs produced one at a time. 8O
  8. What!? Newegg, I hate you. Why is my Vista from Puerto Rico!? :twisted:
  9. I never had that problem with Vista, it wouldn't let you close the window you were pasting to.
  10. Quote:
    EVERY time I reboot, my desktop icons rearrange themsleves.
    This happens to me, too, but not all of the time. Maybe every 1 in 5 boots.

    Here are *some* of my stupid annoyances...

    1) No easy way to tell how much is in the recycle bin. Best you can do is open it and highlight everything, it will then tell you at the bottom the total size of everything highlighted. Flaw with this is that I don't think it includes the sizes of files in subfolders. Why not just *always* show the size down in the status bar like XP does?

    For that matter, if Vista wants to be 'modern', then a nice 'slick' way of doing it would be just tell me when I hover my mouse over my bin. But no, when I do that I get a stupid help popup telling me, "this is where you drag files to if you want to delete them". Gee thanks. People need to see that message once and only once, not on a daily basis for the lifetime of the OS.

    2) Related to (1), I miss always having the size of the currenly open folder always down on the status bar. You now always have to highlight everything to find out the total size of everything.

    3) Highlighting files is buggy. I've been seeing a continual problem where I select a group of files then delete them, and when I go to the recycle bin, I find out that one extra file has been deleted which is always the file that was listed right before the first file I selected. I *know* I didnt select it by mistake. This does not consistently happen but I've been burned by it quite a few times where I've highlighted files then do a Shift-Delete to *permanently* delete them, then find out that one extra file that I wanted to keep is now gone. Argh!!

    4) Under XP, if you moved/copied a bunch of files from one open explorer folder to another open explorer window, then the files added to the destination folder would always get listed at the bottom. So that when the copy/move operation was done, and you were looking at the list of files in the destination folder, it was easy to tell which files were new versus which were already there... the new ones were always at the bottom. (Until you did a 'refresh'). But with Vista, all the copied/moved files are sorted amongst already existing files immediately. So if you copy, say, 5 files into a folder of 500, and now want to do something with those 5 files, you have to go and scroll through all 500 files to find them. Under XP, it was simply a matter of scrolling to the bottom of the list.

    5) There's a bug with USB mice where if you unplug a USB mouse, then a minute or so later plug it back in, Vista will often say "detected new device..." "installing driver...", then will give an error, something generic like, "Failure installing drivers". At this point, the mouse is totally unusable. This has happened not just to me - a friend at work says it always happens to him on his laptop, too. I'm able to fix it by going to device manager, unintalling the mouse driver, then telling Vista to "discover" new devices. Hard to do when your mouse isn't working. (i've dragged an old PS/2 mouse out of the drawer to help out.)

    6) The now infamous 'why does Vista's Windows Explorer take so long to copy files?' problem. And its inability to give accurate feedback about how far along in the process it is.... The progress bar will say things like it's 10% done, and is going to take an hour to complete, then 1 minute later it jumps from 5% to completely done.

    7) Worse is *moving* files.... I copied a folder of 9GB worth of a few thousand MP3s the other night. Took a few minutes; the progress bar while doing so was innaccurate (see previous). Whatever; I'll live. I then decided to move this copied folder to another subfolder, *on the same partitition*, just a folder or two higher in the hierarchy, and the Move operation took as long as the Copy operation I just did. Under XP (or *any* previous version of windows), Move operations were almost instant, as long as the origin and destination were on the same partition.

    8. The blue-ish green icons used for the user's Videos folder, Music folder, Documents folder, etc. all look way too much the same. It's hard to tell what folder is for what just by a glance at the icon. You really need to read the title under the icon.

    9) Hibernate cache file cannot be deleted, even if hibernate feature is disabled. Under XP, if hibernate is disabled, the file can be deleted. I have 4GB of RAM, so that means my hibernate cache file is 4GB. I don't use hibernate feature but I can't delete the file. Why do I need a 4GB file taking up space on the partition I have the OS installed on (which is significantly smaller than other partitions as I intend it to only be used for the OS). At least let me put it on a different partition like I'm allowed with the page file.
  11. I've hit most of those as well, number 6 being the most annoying. I certainly hope MS gets their stuff together and gets a fix before SP1. MS is really bad about using the KISS principle aren't they? :)
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