Need help diagnosing possible bad memory....

I'm been having some issues with my PC lately and I'm trying to track down the cause. Lockups, screen going blank then going to standby after a few secs, etc. I have 2Gb of OCZ Titanium DDR2-800 running at conservative timings 5-5-5 instead of the 4-4-4...

I try using Memtest86, but I can't figure out how to get it to run. I've used Nero to make a bootable CD (I don't have a floppy), I've done a straight copy file to CD, I've tried it 5 or 6 different ways. Are there any good, freeware memory diagnosing programs? I've tried using the Windows Memory testing program, but still can't get it to work.

Any suggestions?
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  1. Quote:
    ... I've used Nero to make a bootable CD ...

    This is your problem. The .iso image file contains a "picture" of the whole CD. In Nero, use the File/Open command to open the .iso file. That will load all the info into Nero, so then just burn that image. You'll end up with a CD that will automatically boot into memtest86+.

    As for your RAM, remember that RAM (especially OCZ RAM) is often sold according to its manufacturer-sanctioned overclock rating, which normally requires manually setting the DIMM voltage to a higher value. Here's some info on that:
  2. Excellent info. I'll give it a shot later. What would you recommend as a setting for my ram? The BIOS settings I have available to me aren't much on this particular mobo (Asus M2A-VM). It has Auto, 1.8, 1.9, 2.0, 2.1 - not much. I have it set to 1.9, even though I'm not overclocking. I also have the 100mv extra voltage kick enabled. Everything else in the BIOS is set to Auto....
  3. You'll have to get the voltage spec from your RAM manufacturer, if it's not on the DIMM or the packaging. Normally the website should list it for your RAM model number.
  4. I like this software for PC Diagnostic. It is an ISO file on these sites. Just use Nero Burn Image file option.

  5. Well here is my memory.

    It shows 2.1v, but is that the max or recommended setting? In can also go to 2.3v so I guess I've got some headroom!
  6. It's a bit confusing, but I think what they are saying is the following:
    1) At DDR2 standard 1.8V, they guarantee the module will run at DDR2-800 5-4-4-15 2T.
    2) At a DIMM overvolt of 2.1V, they guarantee the module will run at DDR2-800 4-4-4-15 1T.
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