How to edit out commercials?

I recorded a move off of television onto a dvd, and now I want to edit out the commercials and burn a new copy for myself. What is some good software (freeware) to do this with? I have Adobe Premiere 6.0, but I cannot seem to get that to work with this dvd. I was able to decrypt it to my hard drive. I am very familiar with DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink, but they are not for this type of editing, apparently. With DVD Shrink, all I can do is cut the beginning and the end credits, etc. Is there something like DVD Shrink, but better, that lets you cut out the commercials and then encode it and burn it?
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  1. I personally use Premiere elements for all my video editing needs (mainly home video editing) but you cloud take a look at any of the following 3 (They all are free. :) )

    virtual dub
    Jahshaka looks really interesting.

    You might also want to take a look at Ulead's products.

  2. I am assuming from the way you describe it that whatever format you had the original TV capture in, you now only have it in .vob files on the DVD? If so, I am unaware of any free programs that handle editing of vob files. Like the other poster, I use Premiere Elements for that.

    Does your Premiere 6 work usually work with vob files?
  3. Yes, they are Vob files, and the DVD rips just like a dvd movie.

    I bought Premiere 6.0 for my whife a few years back when she was doing some video editing with our Sony mini-dv camera, and I have not messed with it too much.

    So Elements will do what I want, huh?
  4. Now I have a video from History Channel that I want to show in my classroom, and I want those comercials gone... but I do need freeware.
  5. Mpeg Video Wizard works good for mpeg 1 and it does vob but i dont know how fast it is for that type of file.
  6. try Cbreak, its free
  7. I wouldn't use the above programme because you have to convert your vobs into avi and then back again to put on dvd. The below programme edits vobs without re-encoding:

    MPEG2Cut is what I use to edit tv shows. As VOB files are essentially MEPG2 this programme will open them and save the output as mpeg2 which you can easily put onto dvd again.

    The cutting is not perfect. You might get a few frames you don't want left in but it is FREE and very easy once you know how to do it. Make sure you read the readme file or you won't know how to save multiple edits into one file!

    After using the programme you will need to run the resulting file through this programme to fix any audio syncing issues that occur after cutting:

    Simply open it in the input stream box and select make ps and then click start and it will create a new mpeg2 file fit for dvd burning!

    EDIT: Just found this which removes commercials automatically! is a great site and i'm sure there are other commercial cutters on there and many other editing tools so have a might find something you like! It's the best site for any kind of editing. I use it time and time again and it never fails.
  8. You can do that with MPEG Video Wizard without video/audio quality degradation, very easy and fast.

    Here is a guide from their forum about how to edit out the commercials from a video:
  9. I use Freemake Video Converter to take out commercials and after using such as DVD Shring, Decryptor and others, but I was blown away by Freemake because it is so easy to operate, simple and self explanatory.
    I take a DVD, cut out what I need to, move it to computer in one of several formats and recall it to a new DVD and best of's free!
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