Noobish question from someone who should know better

What I want to build:
Core2 E6320
2x1gig Geil DDR2 800
Intel G965 mATX mobo
8800GTS 320 eVGA
18x LG DVD+-RW
Seagate Barracuda 120 gig 7200 rpm
TT LanBox Lite VF6000
Audigy 2 ZS

What I need help with is the PSU. I want it to be modular since it is going into an SSF case. I also want to have room for further expansion(better CPU/GPU). My problem is I need it to be less than $130. So far the Antec NeoHE 500W and the Seasonic M12 500W have caught my eye. I have gone through PSU 101 and the US reference list and all of the modulars besides the two I listed a re beyond my price range. Are there any other PSUs that meet those requirements that you would recommend?
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  1. I just noticed a killer deal on

    Corsair CMPSU-520HX $99.99 w/ a $20 MIR... $79.99 after rebate 8O
  2. That is a great deal. I was kinda hoping to buy all of my stuff from one place. I may reconsider now.
  3. Well in that case, the Corsair is winning. Are there any others you would recommend? Thanks for the input so far.
  4. I have the Ultra X-Connect 2 550W modular power supply, which was $99. I don't know what everyone else thinks of the brand, but it has been a great PSU for the system in my sig. Has a good warrenty too, in case it decides to die on me.
  5. As far as the reference list goes, I have already looked at it. That's how I selected the Antec and Seasonic units. I was just wondering if any got overlooked in the list, that's all.

    Well, Corsair has the ball right now. The HX520 is on sale at newegg for 115. Looks like it will be my choice.
  6. Just installed that corsair in my system yesterday, no problems so far with it.
  7. No problem. I'm going to end up with the HX520 in the end. Man, I can't wait until June!!!
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