Need help for a Linux term paper?

I have to do a term paper on a OS and i decide to do it on Ubuntu, but i can find any thing that i need on it. I was wonder if you guys know any sites that talks about its, Process Management, File management, Memory Management , I/O system management , and anything else that useful for a term paper. Any help would be good.
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  1. There is quite a bit in the developer section of the site but really you could use vanilla debian docs for the most part. Ubuntu is at the end of the day packaged debian. I know there are a few tweaks but I've not heard of anything that fundamentally different with it.

    I'd start with and perhaps look to some of the mailing lists from there if you have specific questions.

    I'm sure there will be others along with other suggestions.
  2. All of that stuff is actually handled in the Linux kernel itself, so it is the same for all distributions*. As such, just a general source that discusses the kernel workings in such areas is the place to look, and there are plenty of great resources out there. For example, for a fine overview of scheduling and the various schedulers available, this is a great place to start.

    *There are patches and non-committed kernel code that presents newer or improved capabilities that may be added to some kernels that are shipped with the various distros, however as a generalization, they all have the same basic capabilities and underlying structure.
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