game crashes and then no other games will start

This is exactly what happened today. Played BF 2142 for about an hour. A new map loaded and everything stuttered horribly until the game stopped responding and eventually game crash. I double click the icon on my desktop to play again and it shows the little battlefield 2142 for a bit, loads a black screen, puts me back into windows without any error boxes. I tried running another game Dark Messiah and it won't start either. All i get is a black screen for a few seconds and then it puts me back in windows. I ran dxdiag and ran a test on direct3d and they all failed. If I run the direct3d tests after a reboot and before one of these crashes occur, they pass. I have the results saved if you would like me to email them. I have tried reinstalling my video card's drivers. I also formatted and updated/reinstalled everything and still have this problem. Please help, thanks.

Computer Specs:
Operating System: Windows XP Professional Sp2
Motherboard: Nvidia 680i
Processor: Intel e6600
GPU: Nvidia 8800GTX
Memory: Patriot 1gb
HDD: 150gb WD Raptor
DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c
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  1. Take a look in your eventlogs (Click Start - Run - EVENTVWR) and look in the System and Application logs. Any red errors ? If so, what are they ?
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