using WiFi to stream video from computer to TV?

well, i read about the Windows Media Center Extender software/hardware and i thought to myself, is there a way to use WiFi solution instead of video/audio cables running from my computer to the TV?

i am quite curious about that as it seems microsoft will be the only one to enable such solution in 2004?
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  1. There are such things as Wireless video transmitters that have the phono inputs on one station and phono outputs on the other. You can then transmit video across this link.

    The only problem is they run on the 2.4Ghz band and interfere with the 802.11 b/g standard.
  2. well, currently i dont have a WiFi at home and i dont intend to buy one for communicating with a laptop as i dont have one so i guess it shouldnt be a problem if i used one of those 2.4GHz video transmitters?

    can you recommand me on one? i dont think it will be a very good choice to wait till 'Media Center Extender' will be out for a buy as i will prolly have to install with the 'Media Center 2004' OS :-/
  3. not sure if this has been mentioned.

    There's a stick called wireless media stick. You can see it here:

    With this, you can watch downloaded movies from computer to TV without cables or burning CDs.

    They have limited time promotion where you can get $20.
  4. you can use twonky as a free trial for one month to stream your films to tv through wifi
  5. you can use twonky fab free sortware
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